Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.
РAndr̩ Simon

For the Event Planner

If you are always looking for a fun and interesting way to bring people together, then we are your perfect match. We offer our bespoke services to Private Individuals, Corporate Clients, Restaurants, Private Clubs and Hotels. We use our Hospitality experience as well as wine and spirit education to create an event that is memorable and enjoyable. Your guests will be delighted with their great drinks and their new found knowledge. Some examples of the programs and services that we offer are:

  • Wine and Food/Cheese Pairing
  • Wine 101
  • Mixology 101
  • Old World vs New World comparison
  • Bubbles! Sparkling Wines from around the World
  • Identifying Aromas and Flavors in Wine
  • Scotch Whisky Tasting / Sake Tasting / Beer Tasting

For Restaurants and Hotels

In today’s market, restaurants often need to cut costs on overhead while remaining competitive with a beverage program that is unique but also profitable. We will create a custom Wine, Spirits, Beer, and Cocktail menu that will compliment the cuisine and equally important, create one that will be profitable. We have strong relationships with vendors and will be able to negotiate competitive pricing for you.
On par with having a great wine list is having a knowledgeable waitstaff that has the education that allows them to sell from your beverage menu. After a wine list has been created, we tailor our wine and spirit staff education around your custom menu. We are also available to offer your guests seminars as well as special events like wine dinners to bring in new and create returning guests.

For the Wine Collector and Wine Enthusiast

Whether for optimal wine collecting or insurance purposes, it is very important that each collector or restaurant has an accurate appraisal of their wine collection or inventory. This information is needed whether you are preparing to buy, sell, or move wine, or make a significant charity contribution.
We offer data collection services and analysis which allows for tracking inventory levels while showing tasting notes, optimal drinking windows, industry standard ratings and valuations. This information can be accessed from a computer anywhere in the world. We will provide complete training and assistance entering the wines into the database, and if desired, provide ongoing management support.

Cellar Procurement for Individuals and Restaurants – A “Turnkey” Cellar
A thorough and efficient analysis of each client’s goals, interests and palate will be conducted initially to ensure a fully customized approach to the cellar inventory. We have spent many years in the wine business establishing significant relationships with the major importers, retailers, brokers and collectors thereby providing our clients with a wide variety of both supply sources and preferential terms for each transaction.
We also offer wine auction analysis to help execute the right bids at the right price whether you attend the auctions yourself or want us to attend for or with you. We can place absentee bids, provide you with current market intelligence, pricing advice, and guide your buying strategy. This assures we will identify the most appropriate and highest quality wines at the right price.